Experts in control systems and SCADA for power generation and distribution.

There has never been a greater need for reliable, well designed back-up energy solutions.

In the UK alone while demand for energy is growing, spare capacity on the grid is at just 1.2%, predicted to fall to as low as 0%, which would dramatically increase the risk of blackouts.

WivGen is a power system design specialist, we design, install and commission highly reliable back-up energy solutions for data centres, hospitals, factories, airports and shipping ports.

A dynamic and growing UK company, working internationally, directly or indirectly, for blue-chip clients, we pride ourselves on our pragmatic, problem solving approach to client needs.

Power Generation

Consultation on all generation systems from ‘green fields’ to well established power plants >>

Control Systems

Complex generation and distribution control systems. Fail safe, high redundancy and ‘Hot Standby’ control systems. >>

Latest Projects

WivGen is currently involved in various project around the world installing both new generation and distribution. >>