About Wivgen

Our engineers have extensive experience across a variety of industries, they are experts in the area of power generation and design solutions. This means they can troubleshoot on a diverse range of issues, and combine methods, systems and standards to get to the best solution for the job.

Our offer:
We deliver technically superior, purpose built engineering design solutions including:
Power generation & distribution
Control systems and remote monitoring
PLC Control and SCADA

We also offer: 
• Consultancy
• Project Management
• Maintenance and Service

How we work:
We consult directly as a specialist provider and part of a broader project team, or work independently as a third party, commissioned by client approved suppliers and contractors.

Why WivGen?
• By contracting us direct you won’t pay the overheads for additional services you don’t require.
• We also offer a white label solution for integrated power providers ensuring quality standards are not only met, but also exceeded.