WivGen is currently involved in various project around the world installing both new generation and distribution as well as upgrading older systems. Some of the projects we are involved in are as follows.

Middle Eastern Manufacturing Client

Design of a multi-voltage capability system for a Middle Eastern Manufacturing Client with a remote monitoring system which allows WivGen to fix faults remotely.

A complex brief for a Middle Eastern Manufacturing Client – we delivered a system which could synchronise for soft transfer to the mains at three locations – two on low voltage and one on medium voltage. We designed a bespoke system including the specification of a transformer starter for a 1.5MW air compressor.

We helped the client save cost and create running efficiencies by installing a remote monitoring capability which meant the WivGen team could assist in solving faults quickly from anywhere in the world, saving time and cost.

PZ Cussons, Nigeria

We fixed a capacity problem for PZ Cussons in Nigeria, moving capacity which was down to 60 – 70% up to 90% with the introduction of diesel sets and one additional gas set to the existing gas system.

PZ Cussons in Nigeria had an issue with a gas generator grabbing the entire load and tripping, forcing the company to restrict generators to 60-70% of their maximum capacity.

This is a familiar problem with gas generators, to solve it we converted 10 diesel generator control systems to ComAp, modified the existing Cummins DMC 300 PLC and touch screens, and worked with another large gas generator installer to add an 8th gas set to the system.

The diesel and gas sets now work seamlessly as one generator plant, each automatically called by the DMC depending on load. As a result we able to run the system at a much more economical 80-90%, meaning cost savings for the client.

International Bank’s data centre

Design of generator control systems for 7 generators for a large International Bank’s data centre, making it safe, 100% reliable and simple to run and maintain.

We were commissioned by a contractor for a large International bank to design the generator control systems for 7 generators, which included mains and bus coupling controls, networking and head-end SCADA. We specified ComAp controllers on all the mains, and generators and bus ties were all linked together through a fiber network.

Dual redundant hot standby PLC’s monitor the entire control system acting as a watchdog to flag up and intervene where required. We kept the operation simple to run and maintain by specifying only one manufacturer system – ComAp.

London Stock Exchange Data Centre

Creation of additional switch boards and networks to reliably increase capacity with the expansion of the London Stock Exchange Data Centre.

Due to an expansion of the London Stock Exchange Data Centre additional switch boards and networks were required to be connected to the existing mains and backup generator system.

We were brought in to design and implement additional remote IO stations to control these additional boards, two additional mains incomers and the modified existing network. The control system was a dual redundant hot standby Mitsubishi PLC system with HMI, networked by fiber with generator and mains controls utilizing ComAp.

Police Data Centre (Peel Centre) in Hendon

Reconfiguring of power distribution at the Police Data Centre (Peel Centre) in Hendon following the upgraded installation of Deep Sea controllers.

All the generators at The Police Peel Centre in Hendon had been upgraded to Deep Sea controllers, with the changeover of the switchboard, we recommended an additional Deep Sea mains controller for the two mains supplies and a Schneider PLC was specified to control bus ties and switchboard re-configuring.

The addition of G59 protection relays enabling soft transfer to and from the mains allowed for seamless return to mains and reconfiguring of the board.